John My Calm CBD reviewer

Hi, my name is Jonathan. One of the many ways I like to find my calm is I like doing Tai Chi out in the park. I have been doing Tai Chi for about 20 years. What I like about it is it’s a little bit of solitude, some fresh air in nature, it slows things down. It helps me to focus my mind as well. Uh, definitely a pint at the neighborhood pubs is a good way to chill out, and calm down as well.

Guy My Calm

Well, you know I find my calm in the bathtub. Long bath. Try to hit an hour cuz I don’t really fully find my calm until the 30th minute. Usually will play. The KLF Chill Out album. It’s perfect. Been listening to it in the bath for 25 years. I usually keep a paper and a pen close by for ideas that pop out of my head once I’ve hit that magic marker of 45 mins and I’ve achieved that zen.


My Calm is letting go… of wanting things to be different than they appear right now, of believing that my thoughts are reality. My Calm is to still my mind; to sit on the riverbank of my thoughts, observing them without judgement, rather than being carried down stream.

Jeremy My Calm CBD reviewer

Finding my Calm requires listening to my body. For me, being mindful allows me to be calm. Body, spirit, and mind.