About My Calm

Everyone lives their best lives in moments of calm. A grandchild’s giggles. An epic trail run. A guitar riff mastered. These bold ambitions are more than authentic expressions of ourselves, they make us feel most alive. They bring us moments of calm, and we believe that’s a powerful thing.

My Calm was founded with wellness in mind. We knew CBD could complement and enrich a range of lifestyles across generations. We also knew the pharma-first approach wasn’t working, and people from all walks of life were looking for an alternative. We needed a reliable product that we could trust, and that was safe to use. And there began our journey to produce that product ourselves.

Naturally grown and empowered by leading-edge science, My Calm CBD isolate oils, tinctures, creams and capsules are precisely dosed, contain zero THC, and are crafted with care for an enriching, consistent experience. Cultivated and harvested in the USA, every last batch is tested, traceable, and only released to you when we’ve achieved the highest of quality.

As parents and as entrepreneurs, we value strong ethics and, as such, we create products that are fair, ethical and organic. Crafted in FDA-certified labs, our products empower the healthy lifestyle we all deserve.

We believe in the power of CBD, a highly researched cannabis compound, to help relieve the symptoms of pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and more. People of all ages are turning to CBD as an alternative to the grips of pharma and the effects are profound. We invite you to discover the My Calm experience.